Film Music
The Bläserphilharmonie Mozarteum Salzburg and its principal conductor Hansjörg Angerer skilfully devote themselves to the genre of film music. More than a few film hits have resulted from the artistic cooperation between well-known directors and successful composers, and even captivate audiences who have not seen the film. For instance the music for the Oscar winning films La Strada and 8½ was created from the partnership between Franco Zeffirelli and Nino Rota – later Rota reworked the music for La Strada as music for a ballet of the same name. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas produced blockbusters with John Williams such as Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars. For the production of Tarzan, Walt Disney Pictures engaged the renowned musician and singer Phil Collins whose film music for the title song amongst others received several awards.

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NINO ROTA (1911–1979)
„La Strada“, Ballett-Suite
(1) Nozze in campagna. „È arrivato Zampanò“
(2) I tre suonatori e il „Matto“ sul filo
(3) Il circo – I giocolieri – Il violino del „Matto“
(4) La rabbia di Zampanò
(5) Zampanò uccide il „Matto“. Gelsomina impazzisce di dolore
(6) L’ultimo spettacolo sulla neve. „Addio Gelsomina“
(7) Solitudine e pianto di Zampanò
(8) „La passerella di addio“, Titelmusik zum Film „8 ½“
(9) Titelmusik zum Film „Star Wars“
(10) Raiders March, Titelmusik zum Film „Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark“
(11) „Two Worlds“, Song zum Film „Tarzan“
ERIC COATES (1886–1957)
(12) The Dam Busters March, Titelmusik zum Film „The Dam Busters“

Dirigent: Hansjörg Angerer